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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My "Little" Stepdaughter

My middle daughter, Jordyn, just turned 8--these are her birthday photos. I came into her life when she was 3 years old and she has always been the princess--the baby. Her whole world was pink!

She decided after her little sister was born, that she wanted to be a big girl--gone are the pink walls and the Disney princess stuff. So, it is only natural that she requested that her photo shoot be a "big girl" photo shoot. I put together some outfits and off we went!

She made her Dad go away so she wouldn't feel embarrassed about her posing (which were 95% her ideas). I gave my hubby a few peeks in the camera and he teared up!

She definitely looks like a big girl--a young lady--no longer a little princess!

Typical Jordyn :-)


Beth said...


Jennjilla said...

She's gorgeous! You did a great job and she'll love these pictures when she's older! :)

Jenny said...

These pictures are perfect! I love the pictures with the 'punk tutu' look...she is a beautiful girl!!

Marcia78 said...
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Marcia78 said...

Sorry i posted that comment in the wrong blog! You do an awesome job! YOu are amazing! And I am glad you are taking time off you deserve it!