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Monday, January 7, 2008


One Day with the Special People in your World… A Lifetime of Value

Whether it's a typical day in the life of your family, a birthday celebration, a special occasion, a day with grandparents, or a family gathering, A Day in the Life provides you with the opportunity to have your memories recorded forever. Real life...Real Memories...Your Most Cherished Moments.

Your journey begins with a consultation to plan your day. Then while enjoying your time with your family, your precious moments will be photographed. After your day is over you will be presented with a library bound, hardcover art design book that will be a permanent record of your day.

A Day in the Life has an outstanding artistry to it, and will treasured forever.

Imagine what this book will mean to the little people in your life long after the big people have gone.

A Day in the Life, A day to remember… forever.
Dollar Value: Starts at $600.
Actual Value: Priceless.
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