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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

OMG!! Do I REALLY have a few moments to edit MY OWN PHOTOS???!!!!??

Is it because business is slow?? No, thank God, things have been in full swing since I came back from break.

Is it because I am caught up and NOT staying up late in order to get CDs finished on time???? YES!!!

I have one CD due right now--it is ALMOST done. PLUS, I did find some help with editing--I found Gina! Bless her--she is great! I will properly introduce her to everyone soon. Hopefully, she will still like me when the spring and summer rush hits....oh, and there ARE a few upcoming weddings to help with... :-)

but, for now...Here are some recent portraits of MY baby, Avery Grace. I am trying out some new locations--really been digging that "urban" look lately...

Here she is modeling some cute clothes/bow from glam R baby...

And my favorite!! She is laughing so hard here--it looks like she is about to pee her pants! Many thanks to Stacy for tagging along with me all day long to help me achieve my never ending quest to get Avery to look at my camera!


Andria M. said...

She is gorgeous!! Her hair looks like its going to turn out a strawberry blonde like mine! Toooooo cute!
And thanks for everything!

Chris said...

Oh my goodness Brandi, she is the sweetest little thing! Those pictures are just beautiful. Wherever that location is, that's where I want to meet to do Aden's 2 year pictures! ha ha!! It's not until June, but I can pre-plan, right?

Anonymous said...

Hi MySpace Friend! Your blog looks great and your work is beautiful!