I do NOT have texting, y'all. If you need to reach me to book a session, change a session, cancel a session or ask me a time sensitive question -you gotta call me-sorry! I refuse to conduct business any other way! I prefer for my business to be a personal experience. Besides, we have to talk anyway or else I wouldn't be able to suggest the right location or get to know y'all before we meet!! Trust me-that pre-session phone consultation makes a difference!! So, call me at 469-955-4922 to reach me! Thanks!


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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Some Very Important Info...

Here is some FYI for ya!

** I am COMPLETELY booked for the year...the books were officially closed on Labor Day weekend! If you would like to get on a wait list (and trust me, these get utilized for one reason or another), then please call me @ 469-955-4922 or email me @ b4photography@hotmail.com **

** Jennifer is no longer my scheduler/right hand woman/superhero on the phone. Circumstances led to her needing to be with her 3 kiddos daily and B4 Photography has been SOOOOO busy this year that she is unable to devote enough time to both! So....if you call the number on the website or send an email, you will get me! Jennifer was an invaluable addition to my team and ABSOLUTELY will be missed, but I totally understand being there for your kids when they need you! PLEASE go easy on me for the first week or two--it is going to be difficult to get back to everyone immediately but I will do my best! Please call me at 469-955-4922 (This phone has been giving me issues the last few weeks--voicemails come in hours to days later or not at all--text messages are no longer on--this is much more of an issue than I thought it was--recently more people have been telling me they are calling me and I show no call coming in for them (this is my husband, my mom, my friends and my clients--the iPhone shows no favoritism) This will be fixed in a day or two**

** The pumpkin patch minis are completely booked as of this morning (sept 16th)! Yay! This one is always so much fun! I never know if I am going to get a witch, a goblin, or a sweet angel! Thanks to all who got in...I see many familiar names and a few new ones! If you got in for this mini, PLEASE make sure that you PAY ON TIME-payment is due by Sept 26th!! Please note that we already have a wait list started for this one and there is a possibility that I will open another day ... but NO GUARANTEE of that...just gotta see how quickly editing goes between now and then! Can't wait to see what everyone will be this year during spook time! **

** I WILL be doing the Santa Minis this year and will give you a heads up to watch the blog for the official announcement as this draws closer...I am scouting locations and thinking outside the box on this one to make it 10X more successful than last year's minis! I can tell you that there will be a toy drive in conjunction with this mini--I will be collecting toys for the needy and if you bring me one to your session, I will give you a special something, something as a thank you! More on this as it gets closer!**

** I am looking for a couple of models for some portfolio building...there is a list in my office that is full of ideas that I must bring to life! I need a young, good looking (sorry to be shallow) couple for a couples shoot, I need 2 babies (newborn BOYS-under 7 days old), and I need a hot(again, shallow) mama (for a maternity shoot)! If you are interested in being considered for a free session, completely at the mercy of ME, then please email me @ b4photography@hotmail.com Please attach a photo (obviously does not apply to the newborns) so I can get a look at you and see if it fits with my ideas! **

** Lastly, I have decided/been forced to take an extended break after the holiday rush is over. I normally take a month off to unwind and hang with the fam, but past and current health issues have and continue to inhibit my ability to function at my full capability (both professionally and personally). So, hopefully, most of you will still be wanting me to be your photographer when I come back. At this point, I am unsure of how long the break will be. I have not been able to see my doctors as I should have--been a bit (CRAZY) busy with the business...as usual--sooooo, I need to give them the time that they need to figure out exactly what is wrong with me! I will be posting a list of photographers that I love and think are equal to or better than me in quality and price. You are free to use whoever you like but I promise that the ones I choose to refer you to are good, honest people who are gifted and knowledgeable in photography... I can tell you that when I DO come back, it will be with a different approach to this business--you will see a new, better, fresh, fun, positive, creative, and most importantly, LESS STRESSED B4 Photography!! How do I know that I can accomplish this?!? Because I will take ONLY 10-15 sessions a month, shooting only 3 days a month--once that month is full, it is CLOSED and we move on to the next month! This will mean B4 Photography the way that I initially dreamed of--Customized attention to the clients, personalized products, and, yes, a shorter wait period with a twist--YOU choose the photos I edit! I will create an online gallery for you to view your photos, choose your favorites, and tell me what you want me to keep and individually edit. I hope to bring this change sooner rather than later next year! **

And because I hate leaving my blog with only words and not images, here is a SMALL SMALL SMALL sampling of the adorable children that I have seen lately--And since I have done roughly 70+ newborns just since May 1st, you will notice a lot of little, bitty babies!! I hope you enjoy and see my heart poured into every image...because I know how much I truly love each of these photos!

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