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Thursday, August 5, 2010


I just needed to hop on and post about personal matters and what that means for B4 Photography.

For those who don't know, my Mom was diagnosed with advanced uterine cancer in late May of this year. A surgery followed on June 18th and revealed that she was facing a much bigger mountain than just cancer of the uterus. It had spread significantly. We have been hoping for good news but we just may not get that.
She is living with me in my home and I am her caretaker-doing everything from dressing her, bathing her, to basically being her home nurse, administering shots and meds and caring for an ostomy bag.

This is a new territory for me and my family and it is a very sad journey that we are on. Prognosis is not great, but my mom is a fighter and she starts chemo on Monday. We are praying for a miracle and hoping for good news.

So-what does this mean for B4 Photography?

1- I will not be accepting any new clients whatsoever. I appreciate that my clients love their photos and spread the word about me but, given the circumstances, I cannot accept any new referrals.

2- I fully intend to keep every appt that is on my books at this time, and I will be contacting everyone that is scheduled, because I need to make sure that everyone knows what is going on and that, should a life or death situation arise, I will be canceling or leaving a session to get to my family.

3- Aside from what is already booked, I will be unable to schedule anything East of Irving...so, nothing in Dallas, Frisco, Plano, Richardson, etc.
My home is in the Ft Worth area, and my mom's hospital is in Grapevine. My worry is that I will be in Dallas, she will need me, and I'll get stuck in traffic and can't get to her in time.

4- It is taking me longer to answer emails, Facebook messages, etc. I have repeatedly requested that people not email or message me important info or time sensitive requests--so, as of now, I am shutting my email down totally. so-if you want a response, please don't email me. Calling me has ALWAYS been the best way to reach me and is even more so now. 469-955-4922

5- As far as future mini sessions, I will try to do a pumpkin patch mini this year.
This situation with my mom's health is a day to day thing. I cannot predict what will happen in a month, a week, a day at this point. So, I will TRY to do a pumpkin patch, but it might be short notice or it may not happen at all.

6- Holiday photo rush normally starts in August for me. I will only book sessions on Saturdays from here on out. No Sundays will be scheduled at this time. I will also only be working with existing clients. If you are a previous client and are having a new baby, please know that I want to be there for you to document your new arrival. I simply cannot guarantee anything at this point.
As large as my client base is, I know it is going to be physically impossible to do a session for everyone. I am going to do the best that I can and that is all that I can do.

I will be booking only 2-3 weeks at a time-no further in my calendar than that. I am not a fan of scheduling sessions only to have to cancel them. At this point, only 5 sessions have been affected by this-2 the day of her surgery, 2 at various points in the last 6 weeks because I had to take her to a last minute appt and one last weekend because she had to be rushed to the hospital. So, just know that I will not cancel anything unless I absolutely HAVE TO...you will not be canceled because I don't feel like doing a session or because I am tired...it will only be canceled for a serious reason that is beyond my control...

So, at this time, I am only booking the last 2 weeks of August.

7- The wait time for cds has not increased due to this family emergency...cds are still at a 6 week wait time. The wait time will not increase, as my assistant editor has REALLY stepped up to the plate and is working hard to keep me on time. Once she edits your photos, they are sent back to me for final touches, adjustments, enhancing and mailing. She is doing a killer job for me and I love her to death normally but I love her a little bit more right now.

Please understand that this family emergency has changed EVERYTHING in my life. I want to be there for each and every one of my clients, but, right now, my attention and focus really needs to be with my family. I need to help my mom through her battle, be there for my girls to try to attempt to help them understand what is happening, and to try to enjoy what time is left-making memories that will have to last a lifetime. If I had my way, it would be business as usual and I would be on here posting that I am booked for the year...God just has another plan for me and my family right now.

Lots of people ask what they can do to help...all that I request is understanding, patience and prayers. Thank you already to my many clients who have reached out to me in an effort to lift me up, offer words of encouragement, offers of dinner or babysitting. Even if you don't each hear from me (there are a LOT of nice people contacting me), please know that I appreciate each and every one of you. Your outpouring of love and thoughtfulness is overwhelming and just makes me feel so blessed and so happy to have you all in my life. Thank you--from the bottom of my heart.

PS...I know that some of you guys are going to have to use another photographer if I can't do a session for you. Please know that I understand that--I want your memories to be preserved whether it is by me or another wonderful photographer. Given the situation I find myself in right now, making moments last forever is all the more dear to me. I may go away for a bit when it comes to the end of my mom's journey here on earth, but I WILL be back. I am a photographer...it is what I do and, really, only other photographers truly understand what I mean by that. I can never stop taking photos...it is who I am now and it is engraved in my soul. I know you may have to use another photographer for a bit, but I REALLY hope and pray that, when I come back, a good portion of you guys will be there for me to photograph. I didn't want to build just a business--I wanted to build a family, a relationship...and I want to be there to capture every moment I can for you all...so, don't forget about me, OK? ;-)

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