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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

For My Daddy...

This is for the bestest Daddy in the whole world...I didn't tell you "Happy Birthday" yesterday because I don't know how to say that yet, but I want you to know that while you are hard at work, Mommy and I miss you VERY much!
Since you didn't get to see me this morning when I woke up, I thought I would have Mommy post a photo of what my morning smile looks like--I give this smile every single morning when I wake up....(just ignore my hair, please)

And I know that I haven't been feeling well lately and that I have kinda been a brat, but on those days, just look at the photo below and remember that I love you even when you are being a brat!

Have a great day at work today, Daddy!! Hopefully, I will be in a super good mood when you come home tonight and we can play hide-n-seek again!

Avery Grace


Marcia78 said...

OMG Brandi that was so sweet! Avery's hair made me LOL!!

Kelsi said...

lol CUTE!!!

yourcandidmemories photography said...

oh my gosh that bed head is awesome!!!!
She is cute!

Charity said...

So Stinkin' sweet!!! Loving the Bedhead & that silly little smile...Brooklynne does that same one!!! Perfect Gift for a Daddy's Birthday!!