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Thursday, April 17, 2008


OK...it is technically the 17th since it is a little after midnight...but it takes time to get this many pics ready for previews--PLUS, it was my turn to put the baby to bed!

If you don't see your pics here, then I am very sorry, but there will not be anymore previews until I am caught back up. PLEASE do not message me or email me asking to see "just one"--you know I love my clients, but I have to focus on getting back on track! I know y'all would rather I work on your CD rather than a preview anyway, right?

If you do see your photos here, then know that I am working to get them done....Lindsay, Cindy, Kellie, Amy C and Jeni S--your CDs will be mailed tomorrow or Fri.

I am running behind a bit (3-4 days behind) because of not having a computer due to the storms last week and also because of the other mess with my termite ridden house and my car being stolen last week. Kinda threw me off my groove!

I hope everyone loves their photos---I think I had the best bunch EVER in April! SOOOOOO many cute kiddos!!!

If you are wondering about the unusually lively music--I need something to keep me groovin'--and, YES, I am a dork who listens to her own blogspot music!

In no particular order...

For Amy P.

For Michelle S.

For Maria

Maya wasn't too sure about me at first!

For Lindsay

For Leslie

For Jenn M.

For Jennifer F.

For Jeni S.

For Cindy

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