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Thursday, May 29, 2008


I have blogged my butt off tonight...seriously- it spills over to the next page! I hope that everyone loves their photos!
What do these previews mean exactly? If you see your photos here, that means that your CD has just recently been mailed or that I am working on getting it done in the next few days.

I did fall a little behind again--after I worked like crazy to catch up from last month. In addition to the holiday weekend we just had, my daughter turning 10 and all the fun brouhaha that goes with that, I have also had a sick baby girl...Avery has had a hard time shaking her congestion, which is leading to multiple ear infections and most recently, double pink eye. This kid is accident prone as well--I won't even try to list how many boo-boos she has received this month.
So--anyway---THANK YOU to all of my super patient clients--you are so very appreciated!

Another issue that I have been having lately is not directly within my power to fix---I hate the post office. They lose my stuff, they don't take Cd's out of my mailbox and they take an insane amount of time to deliver Cds to clients. This year alone I have had 3 Cds get lost in the mail. Last week, I finished 4 in one day, put them in my mailbox to go out that next morning and then figured out on Tuesday that the mailman NEVER picked them up--he simply put Fri, Sat and Tues mail on top of them!?!?! I have filed several complaints to the postal service about this and the fact that, for some reason, it occasionally takes 4-5 days to get a CD from Fort Worth to Dallas. I have been informed that it depends on how many hubs it has to go though to get to where it is going--there is no rhyme or reason to it.

My point? I have 2--

#1--PLEASE let me know when you receive your CD...I have no way of knowing that it does or does not get to you. Just shoot me an email and tell me you got it.
#2--Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get the CDs out faster? Aside from spending $16 to overnight it, I cannot figure out the best way to get the finished product out to you guys. I need to keep it cost efficient. Email me any suggestions you might have.

I am about to leave town for my vacation to Destin, Florida. I will be gone June
20th-30th. I am not booking any more photo shoots in June. My goal is to be totally done with every one's pics before I leave--that will be hard to do--but that is what I am aiming for! I want NOTHING on my plate when I come back!
I am quite excited about my trip! I am only taking the girls with me--and one friend of Kelsey's! We are going to have our portraits taken on the beach by Jessica James -- I cannot wait!

OK--off to edit some more--goodnight to all!

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melissa said...

I love Jessica's work...can't wait to see the pics from Destin!