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Monday, September 8, 2008

Again?? Seriously?!!?

My sweetest and youngest of 3 daughters is in a habit of constantly causing me concern and worry. I worry about everything--Am I working too much?? Will she remember that I didn't spend much time with her today? Will she ever start eating her veggies? Will she ever sleep through the night???

And then there are the more serious concerns that have plagued me lately....
Will she ever start speaking as well as her older sisters were at this age? As well as all of my client's children who are her same age? Will she ever stop having constant ear infections? Is her hearing permanently damaged in her left ear (she failed her hearing test)?? Will we ever have a happy, healthy child in Avery?

I have bypassed my pediatrician and have scheduled my daughter for surgery on Wednesday. I know that ear tubes are not a big deal, but, this is my baby. She is so young and helpless. I just worry about her so much. I have fought pretty long and hard to get to Wed. appointment. I, personally, feel that 8 ear infections with 2 ruptured ear drums is plenty to constitute ear tubes...her doctor thinks 10 ear infections is more adequate. You see why I bypassed him! I just want my happy girl back. I want to hear her sweet voice talking---not in the mumbled words that she does now, but in REAL words--ones that other people can sorta understand.

The reason for the blog title? She is, once again, inconsolably crying, digging in her ear, refusing to sleep, and needing to be held nonstop. All the tell tell signs of an ear infection. Uuuggghhh....I just want to make it all go away....I wish I could kiss these boo-boos and make them all better....

I will be MIA until Saturday. Nursing my baby girl back to health and cuddling her to death. Please say a prayer for Avery on Wednesday -- we hope she has a super fast recovery!

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Amy Womack said...

I will keep her, and the rest of your family, in my prayers.