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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Farewell, For Now...

No--I am not talking about farewell to this blog--not ready for that yet...

This post is for my baby, Kelsey and her BFF, Haley. Kelsey was sooooo upset when she had to leave Grapevine schools and all of her friends when we moved to Saginaw. Luckily, another little girl was having equal anxiety about 4th grade at a new school too. Haley and Kelsey bonded almost immediately. They are both silly, quirky, and fun. Kelsey is like me--she has an odd sense of humor that not everyone understands--naturally sarcastic (gets that from me too) and a stinging wit. I was so relieved when she met Haley. Those two girls "got" each other.

Last night, I had to take her to Haley's house to say goodbye. Her father got a great job offer in Austin and within a week, they decided to take it and move. It was hard to look at Kelsey's face when she had to say goodbye--she is tough (again, like me) but I know she was hurting. She cried a lot on Thursday as the realization sunk in that she was not going to be seeing her friend in the halls at school on Monday. That she was going to face Middle School alone this fall. To quote her "This Sucks".

We took Haley with us this past summer to Destin--funny enough, these are actually the ONLY pics that I have edited from that trip...they had a GREAT time. The good thing is we are going to float the river in June and are going to pick up Miss Haley on the way there--so, farewell for now, kiddo! XOXO, your adopted Mom

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