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Friday, March 27, 2009

(Not So) Tiny Dancer...

This was a photo session MONTHS in the making! Jennifer had told me about her daughter who did ballet and my mind started working---I came up with a few ideas but schedules and weather prevented us from being able to get it done. I really do think that all things happen for a reason and the day that we finally were able to meet up was PERFECT!

We wanted to capture this aspect of her daughter's life and I wanted to do something different than what I normally do. I knew that some of these photos would go up in her daughter's bedroom, so I wanted them to be a little more artsy than normal. I am beyond pleased with what the end product looked like--exactly what I had pictured in my mind.

She threw on her pointe shoes and went into her poses and immediately was transformed into a young woman. I have always been impressed with Jennifer's oldest daughter--she reminds me of Kelsey so much--they are both the type of girl that all the mothers want their daughter to be best friends with, the girl all the boys secretly admire (but they know is out of their league), and the girl that all the girls either love or envy. She was so graceful, patient, and lovely--she did an amazing job for me!

I know that you love the ones on the website, Jennifer, but I added a few to this post and I hope that you love these as well! Thank you so much for letting me do what I wanted to do!!

I was kinda going for "Urban Ballerina"---Surroundings and lighting very harsh and my beautiful, soft ballerina

The next 3, I could not decide which version I liked best...

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