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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

So, I'm bloggin'--ya know what THAT means??? I am soooooo close to being caught back up!!!! 12 more Cds and I'm there!!!! I'm so excited! I hate to be behind! I'm kinda glad that it rained today (sorry you guys that I had to reschedule) because I had an entire day of editing. PLUS--Avery pulled her usual "Mommy is behind, I better get sick" thing. I swear, every time I am swamped, that child gets an ear infection!! I should keep antibiotics in stock for occasions such as these!!

I have uploaded an additional 2000+ pics from this weekend and I will be working on getting some of those in line to be completed and I think I will be able to post a few previews tonight. --NO PROMISES--

Can I just say that I have the best clients in the world??? You guys have had me cracking up from some of the comments and emails that I have gotten in response to the blog posts in the last couple of days! Thank you for standing up for me and for being so understanding! You guys ROCK!!

PS--I promise to change my music around too--even I am getting tired of Metro Station! :-)


Dick The Cart Boy said...

Speaking of rocking...did you see my great dancing?

Wine anyone???? I have some Austrian Riesling that is calling my name. (it doesn't know Brandi in German)

Christine Atkins said...

You go Girl! It is sooo hard to wait! (To see your great work) I'm just filling the void by looking at your other pics. I totally respect your time & your talent & I admire you for giving your all to this business for your family. P.S. Next time you do my kids' pics I am making it a point to try not to be so stressed--I think I always rush through them because I don't want to be that bitch client who screws up your day. But I bet you'd get better pics of my kids if I would back off & chill....Sorry!

Anonymous said...

ohhhh. . . I can't go to bed. . .I keep checking to see if something is going up tonight!!!