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Friday, May 2, 2008

Sorry if I offended someone...

My last post was deemed unprofessional from an anonymous source. I am sorry if I came across as unprofessional, that was not my intent. This blog is the best way for me to address my clients in one quick fashion and I do not think that I put anything in there that was degrading or rude. Everyone always says that communication is key. Maybe I should not blog when I am frustrated, but I was just letting everyone know what the delay is, that I am working towards getting caught back up, and that I am really doing the best I can.

I guess I could just remove that post altogether, but I'm not going to. I have never presented myself as a stuffy, fake person who runs a business. I have feelings too and I think that because I am emotional is what allows me to "see" a moment and capture it on film. If that makes me unprofessional, then I am sorry.

The other anonymous people who posted a comment about needing the special--contact me please. And I might bring back the specials...we'll see after my vacation.

Bottom line: I love my clients ( all of them --be they "Wal-mart" or "Nordstrom"). Without them, I would just be a chubby chick with a camera.


Melissa R. said...

Don't let the rude comments get you down! Only a coward would post something like that and not leave their name. It was great meeting you today and we can't wait to see the pics! But take your time..we know it will be worth the wait! :)

Jenny said...

Well..I'll sell you the rights to my idea "Bella photography" all Bella all the time....only you have 3 beautiful girls to choose from!!

We love you...wine soon please!

Amy Womack said...

people who want to leave rude comments and not leave their name are the 2 faced type that will be wonderful to your face and trash you behind your back.
your work is absolutely AMAZING!!! and i love the pictures you just posted on your myspace of my friend's daughter Madison... I cant wait to see Bryce's pictures and to work with you again!
You are a wonderful person and very professional with your work, I am so glad that I found you!

Christine Atkins said...

Hi Brandi,
I too would be very disappointed to see your specials disappear forever, too, because I don't know if or at least how often I could afford the regular price either. Believe me, I know you deserve Neiman prices & I'll treat ya like a Neiman customer, I just may not be able to afford Neiman prices! :)
I'll bet some of your nicest customers are the ones who would suffer....
I'll have you know I've been forcing myself every night not to email you & ask when our pics would be done...It's just so hard to be patient to see your work! So the blog letting us know when they would be done was great. Anyway, thanks for all your hard work & thanks especially for NOT being a stuffy, fake person!
~~Christine Atkins
(Devin's & Allie's Mom)

Christine Atkins said...

Well, now I'm sitting here wondering if MY blog sounds rude...
I hope not! We're glad we've met you & want to be good clients!

Leah said...

I wouldn't worry about what 1 anonomys (sp?) person said. I think your blogs, even when frustrated, just show that you are human. You are amazingly talented and your clients all love you!

Dick the Cart boy said...

Money is related to class only in the minds of people who have too much of the former, too little of the latter or none of either.

Angie said...

The person who left those comments has obviously never met you or had you photograph their child/ family!!! I will use my Wal-Mart language and call them a "hater". Your work is amazing and you are a wonderful person. Your blog was just letting people know some information.

mrs_baldwin said...

Well... you need to forget what that rude person said because obviously they are chicken b/c they didn't leave a name! That's my take on that.
On to a happier note.. I LOVE MY PICTURES they are the AMAZING! Just wanted to let you know.
(Bryce and Jake's mom)

mrs_baldwin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kristi said...

Definitely don't let those downers bug you! My experience with you was great and I've recommended you to anyone that would listen! The product is worth any wait. I love my pics of Nora and cannot wait until we can have another session with you!

Noelle said...

you rock girl! BTW: your NOT chubby!! Loves!!