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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Update on photos and a few changes....

I am FINALLY finished with Day One Bluebonnet Photos. I am mailing them all out today!

I have come to the executive decision of no more specials for a while. That includes Mommy and Me photos and Daddy and Me photos. I am happy to include those in with any regular session (I usually do them anyway), I just cannot physically keep up with that many pics in the time frame of a 2 week turnaround. My clients are currently looking at about a 3 week turnaround. This is what brought on policy change #1--There is no 2 week turnaround ---it will now state 2-3 weeks. Looking at what most of my competitors do, I am still getting your Cd to you in an excellent time frame. I don't plan on utilizing the 3 week time frame very often--I still plan on aiming for 2 weeks.

PLEASE keep in mind that I am NOT Kiddie Kandids or Portrait Innovations. I CANNOT get your photos edited in a matter of a couple of days and deliver to you something that looks like what is on my website. It takes time to fix a scratch, blemish, runny nose, etc. in 60-80+ photos--not to mention removing arms, switching heads.... I cannot express how much I appreciate my current clients and their patience with me.

Policy change #2 comes from 2 weekends of being stood up by clients. Saturday appointments are the most sought after sessions--they book up months in advance. I have decided that weekend appointments must be paid in full within one week of booking the session. I would like to remind people that not paying your deposit is not a way to cancel an appointment that you have scheduled with me. Please have the common courtesy to email me or call me and just let me know that you have changed your mind. I talk with about 40 people per week and I operate on minimal sleep. I am a one woman operation and sometimes the fact that a deposit hasn't been paid slips through the cracks. Trust me when I say that I am trying to come up with a better system.

CD updates---This is a tentative schedule to help you guys know when your Cd is expected to be done--I know that you are all anxious to see the pics of your precious kiddos, but I am spending a good hour or two of my day answering emails about when a Cd will be ready.

Hopefully, this will help---this is when your CD will be DONE--not when it will be in your mailbox. I mail them when I say I will mail them--unfortunately, it is up to the post office at that point. If anyone is interested in meeting me in person to get your CD, rather than waiting for snail mail, then we can meet in the middle, but I am not driving far out of my way to hand deliver a CD--my schedule is too full at this point to allow for that. I truly hope that is understandable.

Jessica B, Sarah G and Lindsay H--Ready May 2
Brandy H. Jennifer B. and Courtney B-Ready May 4
Melinda I and Summer K--Ready May 7
Leslie C and Brooke N--Ready May 8
Jenny R, Sara M and Denna B.--Ready May 9
Sarah H., Andrea E and Mona--Ready May 10
Day two bluebonnets --Ready May 10

AGAIN--this is tentative, but I really plan on staying on track and maybe even getting done earlier.

On a lighter note, I think that I have someone who will start helping me with previews and posting on here so that everyone is getting their preview but that it is not taking away from regular editing time.

I am sorry for the long winded post...off to continue editing now.


Mr. Smartass said...

You need to stop the vacationing and partying and get editing. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so sad to hear that the specials are gone. I hope you decide to bring them back soon! I have not found anyone as talented as you around - but can only afford the mini-sessions every once in a while. I would much rather wait three. . .even four weeks and get the chance to use you!

Anonymous said...

I to am sad about the specials. I will keep up with this blog incase you ever decide to do them again. For us to it was the only way could afford it. Best of luck to your growing business and thanks for all the great pictures.

Anonymous said...

I know that anywhere you go you will end up waiting to get your pictures back...except maybe Target or WalMart and we all know you are 100x better than that! Worth the wait. Don't stress!

Amy Womack said...

you were wonderful to work with and your work is amazing! People should take into consideration that you are a "one woman" show and that it may take a little longer then expected to get their pictures. I LOVED the bluebonnet special, hope you decide to do more later on, but I look forward to my son's birthday setting with you this fall!

Anonymous said...

Anyone that hires a professional photographer knows that they are a "one man or woman operation" so you shouldn't have to point that out in a blog. For the clients that are "hounding" you about their CD's and previews are the clients that you need to respond to privately because a professional photographer wouldn't put this type of blog out on their website for all to read because clients that are willing to pay the prices you charge may feel like your tone and language is really not all that professional and look elsewhere. Clients who pay the "big bucks" expect professionalism at all times, regardless of how the photographer is feeling, so if you want to talk like a Wal-Mart photographer, don't expect Nordstom type clients. Just some "friendly" advice.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wow--I really wish that ALL of the Anonymous people had left their names--including the one who said that I sound like a Walmart photorapher.

You other NICE anonymous people, email me--I'll give you two a minisession for the mini price.

Anonymous said...

First of all...whoever the walmart person is that left that nice comment, you missed the whole point of the blog. Brandi has remained professional in trying to personally attend to everybody's special requests which is part of what is backing her up in the first place. We love her and her work and with the volume of her business it is IMPOSSIBLE for her to be able to respond to each person who wants to see just one pic. This is her blog FOR her clients. Just because she lays some ground rules down for all to see hardly makes her unprofessional. This is the perfect forum for her to do so that ALL of her clients know what to expect from her. I personally think her blog just might make people remeber she's more than just a photographer.
Brandi-WE ALL LOVE YOU AND YOU KNOW YOU HAVE OUR SUPPORT. Even though I'm a "walmart" client I'll cherish Thomas's pictures forever!

Anonymous said...

WOW! SOme people are so rude. Brandi, you are so awesome and I am truly thankful that I found you. I have AMAZING photos to cherish of my daugher for years! You have gone above and beyond with my family and I truly value you!

LV GIRL!! said...

Nordstrom....PUH-LEASEEEEE!! We are talking Neiman's...don't sell her short!! XOXO Love ya girl!!

Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing!!! We love Liliana's pictures. Some things are worth the wait. Keep smiling!

Amber said...

Brandi, not only are you an awesome person with a huge heart, but your work truly speaks volumes! Being a photographer myself, I know how things can get. I didn't find your post rude or offensive at all. We all need to vent from time to time, and clients need to understand that when we need time, it is because we are busting our butts to give them the best possible work we can give them! Love you girl, see you in a few weeks!!!! Amber (Proud to not be anonymous) :)

Marcia78 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Marcia78 said...

I just read your blog and some people really are rude! If you want to put it out there like that, then come on at least leave your name! Brandi keep up the amazing work! Ok the whole Nordstrom....Wal-Mart... Neiman's... suff LOL Your work is so NEIMAN's I agree with IV girl!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work B. Some people need to remember that this job you do means time away from your family and ridiculous hours, and you don't see it as just about making money. Obviously for some anonymous posters, money and more of it is all they care about. Love you.

*Nash Photography said...

As a photographer myself I know that it takes time to process and get photos back to people. Especially with children and a family life, which by the way often gets lost in the business we run from home. It is not easy to just pump out a great picture straight from a camera. It is truly an insult to be referred to as 'Walmart' who again by the way spend about two minutes on your photos before printing them off. I have personally had experience with that :] What Brandi and all the other photographers out there are do is put their own personal signature on each photo they touch. And Brandi, your signature is absolutely stunning! I think that is worth the wait. If I lived in Texas, Brandi would be MY photographer :]

Just remember that you are doing your absolute best, and it is the best out there! If people are angry about your 'unprofessionalism' (which I did not see by the way) then who needs em :]

Ginny Young said...

I totally agree w/ you Brandi. Part of what people love about you is your openness, it makes people more comfortable around the camera. I think all your blogs are great, I like to get on here just to read them and look at all your new picts! Obviously there was a reason why that person was anonymous. I am a total Nordstrom girl and we love all of our picts you've done for us and can't wait for our family session when Hudsen is a little bit older! BTW: I'll be calling to schedule that one soon too! Everyone knows you're worth the wait!