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Saturday, October 11, 2008

I really do love my clients

Truly, I do. They are the most patient and understanding people in the world. I hope that they love me in return, because this post is to inform everyone that I am currently at maximum wait time on CDs...4 weeks. I kinda knew that this would happen. With the mini sessions and all of the holiday appointments, it was bound to happen.

If you notice that the posts and previews on this blog get less and less, please know that it is an indication of just how busy B4 Photography is at this time. And while I know that you all are unbelievably excited to see your photos, PLEASE trust me when I say that I am really working as fast as is humanly possible.

I never want to give less than my best work and if I rush through your photos and slap some sub par pictures on a CD, well, then I am not doing my best. A lot of people have told me lately that my photos are looking better than ever---thank you for those compliments by the way! Ya wanna know my secret?? I am taking my time. I have slowed down a bit and increased the wait time, so that I can do better work for my clients. So, see...it really is to your advantage to let me take a little extra time.

To all of those who are messaging me to get a few emailed to you right now...I am sorry if I am not responding (I stopped after email #5 and figured that I had better post a blog). Really, wouldn't you rather that I take that time to work on your photos? I cannot email out any photos the rest of the year. I am usually nice and send a few, but it is aiding in me getting behind. So, please understand that I am going to have to go by what my website says and you will have to wait to see your photos.

I especially need patience from my mini session folks. Please understand that when I plan these, I do a certain number of sessions for a reason. When I open extra days (the Sept mini and the second day of the pumpkin patch minis), it puts me that much further behind. WHY do I open extra spots then, you may ask...well, it is like this: I am a people pleaser by nature and find it VERY hard to say "no". PLUS, I don't want to disappoint anyone! Some of my favorite clients can't get in on those minis because they sell out so fast (thank God!) and I don't want them to have to go elsewhere.

OK--back to editing now...I am off my soapbox, I promise.


glam R baby said...

We LOVE you too! Your work is amazing and I'm sure no one will mind to get your awesome work!! Gotta love the "busy" season!! XOXO

Kim Nimmick said...

The time that you take is well worth the wait!

I want to personally say thank you for opening up the extra day on the mini-session as we would not have been able to get pics otherwise.

Your work is wonderful...and I would not dream of using anyone else!

Happy Editing!