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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pumpkins--I never want to see another one!

Just Kidding--sort of! Really though, I saw a ton of kids for this year's pumpkin patch mini sessions--WAY more than I was anticipating! In an effort to get everyone in, I think I overbooked myself a little. But, in the end (and thank GOD I am at the end of those), they turned out VERY cute. I loved seeing the kids in their costumes and fighting the entire city of Dallas for that darn pumpkin house photo op.

And I will leave this post with Carson and his very convincing "Derek Zoolander- Model/Pirate" impersonation...

I hope everyone had a good time--despite the heat! I have one more important post tonight and then I am done for a while!


Bailey's Mom said...

Thank you so much for posting these! It is so fund to look at other cuties that had their pictures taken in the same days at the same time!

Caidyn's Mommy! said...

OMG! My little pumpkin made the blog! Seeing this just made my day (and it was a LONG DAY.) Thanks, Brandi! Awesome work. . .as usual!

Maddie's Mommy said...

So many sweet faces! There's a special place in heaven for a woman that can photagraph this many little pumpkins in two days! Thanks for posting Maddie's picture.