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Thursday, May 14, 2009


Hey all!
I have been MIA for a while but it is only because I have been very busy!!

My Stay-Cation went well...we lounged around...did a little wine tasting...a little book reading...a little fighting...and a whole lotta making up ;-) It was just what we needed!

My baby, Kelsey, will be 11 years old this month...that is just impossible to me...just. WOW! Lord help me!

We are all gearing up for our family annual trip to Florida in July!! We are also so excited that our good friends, the Nerios', are coming along with us! Fun times ahead!!

On my weight loss issue...I have officially (as of April 24th) been weighed in at 140--that is down 41 pounds from my old weight of 181 on December 24th!!! That is so amazing to me that I am only 15 pounds away from my pre-Avery weight of 125!! HOLY COW! I *might* actually fit into my old size 2 jeans! Woo-Hoo! Shopping mall, here I come!!

On the business front...we just got one of our 2 busted down computers up and running...WHEW! It was REALLY slowing things down to have only one computer between my assistant editor and myself! The pace has picked up session wise and, thus, the editing must pick up the pace, too!

All of the bluebonnet sessions will be sent out by this weekend's close...Those who purchased a CD of their child's model spotlight in the May 1st shoot for Cotton Candy Shop can expect to receive your CDs at the end of next weekend.

Pretty much everyone whose session was on or before April 30th can expect them to either be already in your hands or en route to you as I type. I had some great sessions in April...I will blog some pics shortly, but right now I am shooting 4 sessions a day to try to get in everyone who was rescheduled repeatedly b/c of our lovely Texas weather or due to illness....so, I'm pretty pooped by 9 pm...


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