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Sunday, July 12, 2009


I just wanted to let everyone know that I will be out of the office until July 21st.
I am getting some badly needed rest and relaxation and recovery from last weeks
trip to the ER.

Thank you to all who sent well wishes my way and especially those who have been
patient with getting their CDs. A REALLY big thank you to Jennifer and Brandi-my scheduler
and assistant editor-for constant love and support--without them, this week would have been a
total disaster.

I did want to say that my issue has nothing to do with the diet pill I have taken--just didn't want anyone to
think that. It is also absolutely NOT contagious. Many of you have said that you felt bad that you
didn't even know I wasn't feeling well--do not feel bad, I have become very good at hiding how I feel from all
around me--my own husband had no clue of just how bad things had gotten.

Without giving TMI, I have been plagued by a persistent issue internally
for almost 8 years and I have ignored the signals my body has been sending
me for the last year--I knew that things were getting much more serious but
I have just been so busy and didn't make my health a priority. Well,
I don't think that my body will allow me to ignore it anymore. I am in constant pain
but I do have a non drowsy pain killer that takes a lot of the edge off and that helps me get
through the sessions. When I return from my vacation, I will begin the
testing and procedures to hopefully resolve a lot of my issues--I would really like to avoid
surgery and I have asked that it be a last resort option after every other avenue has been
exhausted. So, please keep sending prayers my way--my family and I greatly
appreciate it.

Jennifer will still be answering the phone and emails and although Brandi is no longer
full time as an editor, she will be editing for me while I am gone so that we don't get
very far behind. I also have my laptop with me and will be editing here and there but, and I hope
that you all understand, relaxing is priority number one. I'm not saying that I have been given a grave
prognosis, but the thought of my children having to grow up without me has definitely crossed my mind
in the last few months and that is a BAD place to let your mind wander to.

I am repriortizing my life and one of the changes that is necessary is to severely limit the number of sessions I
shoot each month. Effective August 1st, I will be shooting Saturdays and Sundays only. Newborn sessions
will be scheduled during the week mostly. I will post another blog soon with the details of how this new structure
will work.

Thanks again for all the support and concern. I promise that I am going to stop putting off taking care of myself as
I want to be around to capture all of your families' memories as well as being here for my own family!

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