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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Winter Break...

I am now officially on winter break until January 16th. I will be editing only during this time (last shoot of 2009 is this Sat.) and will be sending out CDs, so if you have one that is due, it WILL be coming ASAP! Thanks for everyone allowing me to just send files digitally this past month--Fed Ex was a nightmare every time I went and it made more sense to just finish one, send it digitally, and then start on another one rather than wasting precious time in line to mail them out! All hard copies of your sessions will be sent on Monday.

I will be moving my mother in during the first week of January and trying to get settled--so wish me luck with that!! This past 3 months has been a bit of a nightmare--email AND phone issues (have a new email -info@b4photography.com-, and Santa BETTER be bringing me a new phone), sick kids, sick myself, REALLY sick mom, being forced to accept the fact that my mom can no longer take care of herself and that responsibility now falls on my shoulders...a lot to take in. I have been praying for the ability to handle all that has been put on my plate.

A lot of changes in store for B4 Photography as well...I am currently only booking Jan and Feb...please email me at info@b4photography.com to schedule a session--all emails and calls regarding booking a session will be returned right after the new year...REMEMBER--you can still purchase a gift certificate to be used in 2010 for 2009 pricing!! This is ONLY available until Jan 1, 2010...this is a big savings and will guarantee you a spot on my calendar next year! Please email me at info@b4photography.com to get a gift certificate!

I hope that everyone has a holiday filled with joy and a happy and SAFE new year! Thank you all for allowing me to be a part of your lives and capturing all of those priceless memories! I will leave 2009 with a photo of my kiddos and one of Avery Grace...haven't had time to edit any others yet but I'll get to them eventually!! :-)

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