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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


First of all-***PLEASE READ THIS POST FIRST IF YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF THE FAMILY EMERGENCY THAT WE ARE DEALING WITH***I have fallen behind-I know that I have been good so far throughout this whole thing about getting CDs out in the normal time frame but with the happenings of the last month, I did fall behind-we are almost 100% caught up and will be completely caught up within the next week. Between my assistant getting sick, me getting the flu, my mom slipping into a scary confused state and the wreck I had this year, I am shocked that we aren't further behind than we are. The wait time fell to around 8 weeks and I know that is horrible, but that is where it is. Since I haven't shot anything in a long time, as soon as this next batch of cds are done, the wait time will def go back to normal and should even be less of a wait until Spring busy season starts in March.

I cannot stress this enough--if you need to reach me, please call me...It does take me a few days to get through the vms and call ppl back but I need everyone contacting me in one way-not via phone, emails, messages on FB--I just cannot keep up with them all at this time so PLEASE call me if you need to reach me! Please take note-my phone hit the dashboard in the wreck and it is a little funky acting--I will try to get to Apple to have them look at it asap-just make certain that you do leave a VM and feel free to message me on Facebook if you did call and haven't heard from me within 4-5 days. I assure you all that I am not avoiding anyone and I will be returning phone calls from this past couple weeks when I posted that I was not going to be answering the phone.

My last update about mom was that she didn't remember me--She had a poor reaction to the last chemo and she slipped into a confused state for about 10 days that is somewhat funny to talk about now but at the time was the most heartbreaking part of this cancer journey. Having my mom tell me that I was not her real daughter killed me. She is back to herself now, thank God, and is home since last Thursday. She is currently enjoying a loooong overdue visit from a sister from Indiana-so we are trying to just enjoy the visit right now.

Within the first couple weeks of the new year, I got into a wreck (yes, second one in 3 weeks) and totaled my swagger wagon (mom van) and broke 2 fingers and sprained my wrist on my left hand-this makes editing and just functioning a bit difficult. I am feeling better now and have been able to start doing my normal stuff.

As far as booking-My mom's very last (according to her dr) round of chemo is this upcoming Monday, the 24th. Personally, I think it is too much for her and do not want her to do chemo anymore but she insists that she wants to beat this cancer and is determined to carry on with treatment. I truly cannot book anything until I see how she does with this round. We know that she is getting close to the end and the dr says it could be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months for her to pass. I hope for my mom's sake that it is sooner rather than later-simply because I do not want her to suffer any longer. She will most likely more or less starve to death due to the inability to eat.
So-I don't know exactly when I am booking again. I know that she should be gone by spring time. I do not plan on taking much time off when she does pass-I think throwing myself into my work will be better for me. The sessions that I AM booking right now are for baby planners-those who chose the First Year package or the Maternity/Newborn package.

I do apologize to the clients who have tried to reach me but especially to my friends who have called and have not heard from me in the last couple of weeks. I know that ppl are just trying to be there for me and offer support and it is not that I don't want it, it's just that I have been so profoundly SAD that I couldn't talk to anyone. I needed time to process the latest information and then get strong so I could deal with it.

It is a struggle to run a business during something like this. I just hope everyone understands and knows that I do not intentionally do anything to make anyone mad at me. I am just trying to deal with what has been put in front of me the best I can. I appreciate the patience everyone has given me (especially those who are waiting right now). The place that I need to be the most right now is with my family-soaking up every minute I can and I hope that everyone understands that.

As always, prayers are deeply appreciated!

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